Welcome to Help First

Help First is a community web center, constructed and maintained through the collaboration of United Way, the Tennessee Tech Service Center and other non-profit community organizations. It serves the Upper Cumberland, by connecting community members with service needs and opportunities in their area, effectively showing the community where to “give help” and where to “get help.” With the Help First online web center, giving help is easy. It matches the individualized skills, strengths, and experience levels of community members with the specific volunteer needs of our community partners. The online “give help” search can be filtered by county location, and also by areas of interest. Help First was designed to match individual needs with a specific organization or community partner. The “Get Help” search can be filtered by the area of need, as well as by the county where help may be available. Community Partners are invited to join United Way and Tennessee Tech University in the ownership of this initiative by controlling their own user-friendly personal website within the Help First web center. Community Partners will be responsible for keeping their page and contact information updated periodically, adding and maintaining volunteer opportunities as they arise and informing the public on upcoming events, and news releases of interest. These sites will ensure that community volunteers and community members in need are both correctly matched to the right organization and the contact within. Each day, we are creating the kind of community that we want to live in through our actions and service to others. We give as we can, and we help, as we are able. If you are an organization and you would like to join this iniative, please send us a message through the "Contact" page, or email us at community@helpfirsttn.org.

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